Arrest Menzgold Customers for Tax Evasion - A Plus

Information gathered by indicates that Controversial musician and social commentator Kwame A Plus has urged government to arrest and prosecute all Menzgold customers.


A Plus wrote on his Facebook page saying, “If Menzgold customers are requesting government to pay their investments then government must also arrest all Menzgold costumer's who received interest but failed to pay tax on their income for tax circumvention. Wicked and greedy citizens. Even those who receive 12% or less a year pay tax”.


He aforementioned that, customers were taking 120% a year but rebuffed to pay taxes. Now you say what? Government should use the tax we pay on 12% a year to pay you who refused to pay tax on 120% a year? The thing you people are saying, does it make sense to you? He questioned


According to him, Menzgold must present a total list of all those who earned interest to the Ghana Revenue Authority to be arrested and prosecuted.


Source: Godfred Baidoo /

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