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Assemblyman Threatens President of Ambassadors Against Mob Justice at Achiaman

Information reaching GhNewz indicates that Madam Gifty Abban Quarshie, who doubles as the president of “AMBASSADORS AGAINST MOB JUSTICE” and a journalist at Rainbow 87.5mhz in Accra has been attacked by an Assembly Man known by name Mr. Philip Kugbo at Achiaman a suburb of Amasaman in the Greater Accra Region.


Speaking to Asonaba Kofi Asiedu on a program dubbed “M’aka a M’aka”  she aforementioned that, she took it upon herself to help fight against instant mob justice after the unfortunate incident which caused the dear life of an innocent Soldier the late Major Maxwell Mahama at Denkyira Obuasi in May 2017.


According to Mad. Gifty, she took it upon herself to help a victim of MOB ATTACK to get justice. In so doing she found her life under threat because the accused persons got the assembly member of the area involved and accused her of being fraud and thief.


A group of people attacked her in her house at Achiaman a suburb of Amasaman in the Ga West Municipal assembly one afternoon. Luckily her doors were locked with burglar proof which prevented the said people from entering into the room and the first person she suspected was the Assembly Member which she claims to have evidence to prove.


This is how she narrated her ordeal,

“All this happened because a Landlady called a group of people from Kasoa to come and assault a tenant. It is well known that this particular Landlord always does this to his tenant.


The tenant approached me after someone told her about the AMBASSADORS AGAINST MOB JUSTICE of which I am the president of this group.


I engaged with the accused who is the landlord so that the case will be settled amicably. We consulted with chief and elders of the community to help resolve the issue since it happened on their land.

The chiefs sat on the case and asked the accused to compensate the victim with an amount of money which the accused accepted. (There is video evidence of the day of sitting)


After a few days I received a call from the assembly member accusing me of  conniving with the Amasaman Police Commander to extort money from the accused. He said things which I have audio recordings of.


The assembly man has also written a petition to the IGP to help take out the docket of these people who beat up an innocent woman.


The assembly member played his role in order for the accused to walk freely.


The whole problem we had in helping fight instant Justice in the community was the Assembly member who told the accused persons that we AMBASSADORS AGAINST MOB JUSTICE are fraudsters and that it is normal to attack anyone you like and go freely.

He also made the people think that the Amasaman Police have no power to handle issues of instant justice. 

The victim is now homeless with her four children because of this act”, she said.



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